A day in Brighton.

Top and Skirt- Primark//Jacket - Topshop//Sandals- New Look

A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated my turning 22 with a day trip to Brighton with Stu. I've been to Brighton a couple of times but had only really seen the Pier strolling/ride going/fish and chips eating side of the city so was keen to have a good old nose around the Lanes and try some of its always incredible-looking, vegetarian grub.

After arriving, we quickly sought out some healthy food and stumbled upon an amazing vegetarian haunt called Iydea. This canteen style restaurant uses all raw, fresh and natural ingredients and allows you to choose a main (I went for the jambalya parcel) and a choice of two of its many insane looking salads (oh, how I wish I could have had them all). I washed mine down with a carrot, apple and ginger juice- all seriously delish. Look out for Iydea if you're after some super healthy, veggie goodness when in Brighton.

We finished off the day with a mosy round the Lanes and a gander around the quaint, boutique shops, followed by an ice cream on the beautiful pebble beach from Boho Gelato. No exaggeration when I say this was some seriously orgasmic gelato; our choices of salted caramel, peanut crunch and strawberry & basil sorbet were divine.

Brighton, I'm a bit in love with you.

July Beauty Favourites.

This was my first delve into the higher-end fake tanning world and the experience was pretty darn good. I’d heard a fair bit of hype about this new release from St Tropez and a discount card and #FeelingSpendy moment later it was at my door. Unlike normal tanning mouses you leave it on for 1-3 hours rather than overnight; 1 for a light tan, 2 for medium and 3 for a dark, before showering which makes it pretty handy. On application, things can get a little streaky but this washes off to reveal a gorgeous olive-toned natural looking tan which fades fairly evenly and has no dodgy smell whatsoever. 

Admittedly this is pretty much glorified water in a can but this has prevented me from melting in a UK heatwave like I’ve never experienced and a new house that you could probably bake a cake in. A quick spritz of this cools, refreshes and hydrates the skin in a second and unlike normal water might- it doesn’t leave your skin dry or stiff but smooth and replenished. 

Never one to resist a good ole bit of a blogger hype I purchased two of these new releases, from Bourjois, ‘Ole Flamingo’, a hot pink and ‘Hot Pepper’, a bright red. Conclusion; they. Are. Amazing, matte (which I love) more opaque than opaque, incredibly, ridiculously long lasting (we’re talking 7 hours without a touch up, I don’t lie) and don't dry your lips out like the average matte product. I’m having a bit of a hot pink moment so Ole Flamingo has been on my lips most days through out July.

I’ve been trying this mascara out I’m a bit in love, it has a bristled, curved wand which, grouped with the longest wearing formula known to man, creates ultra curly, volumed and lengthened although natural looking lashes making it perfect for daytime. My small gripe with it however is due to the although incredible formula, it’s almost impossible to get off- I’ve definitely sacrificed a few lashes to this one.

I’ve been trialling this moisturiser for the last month or so in a bid to cure my sahara desert-like face. The moisturiser is incredibly rich and luxorious and smells like sun cream, in a good way. It's completely transformed my dry skin, keeping it hydrated, soft and plumped without being greasy.

A Sunday: Festival Afternoon

Blouse and Shoes- New Look//Top - River Island//Shorts - Vintage//Fedora - Portobello Road

 So just quickly pointing out that this was the second half to the Sunday featured in my previous post hence the very similar outfit...The second half consisted of an afternoon and evening spent at British Summertime in Hyde Park ,seeing none other than McBusted and the Backstreet Boys (the 12 year old inside me almost died with excitement). After getting a lil hot and admittedly sweaty, I made a quick change of top to this cute little number from River Island and opted for some Levis, accompanied by my much-loved new Fedora to make things a tad more festival appropriate. I had an amazing time with Meg, Faye and Aaman- fufilling some teenage dreams, having a good old dance to some of the greatest hits of the nineties and noughties and enjoying a few chilled out bevs in the sun. Both bands were absolutely insane and British Summertime was a generally brill event, super chilled out, clean and filled with amazing food stalls to accompany the incredible music- the perfect place to spend a sunny Sunday in Central London.

A Sunday: Notting Hill brunch.

Top and Joni Jeans - Topshop//Blouse and Shoes - New Look//Bag - Zara//Hat - Portobello Road

A few weeks ago, me and Stu made a spontaneous outing to Notting Hill for a quick brunch. As an only recent Londoner, it's a place I'm not very well acquainted with but first impressions were pretty darn lovely. We took a stroll along the beautiful Portobello Road but with it being a Sunday, it was far from the bustling street market that its known for but there was still many a bric-a-brac and vintage shop to have a quick nosey around. With a huge craving for poached eggs, we hunted around for a bite to eat and stumbled across Toms, an uber pretty delicatessen/cafe. Toms has a pretty sophisticated menu but in a fresh and calm relaxed setting. I opted for the slow cooked duck eggs which were cooked to absolute perfection and served with some dreamy creamy mushrooms, shavings of parmesan and an incredibly tasty bacon and onion brioche *mouth fills with saliva*, whilst Stu went for poached hen eggs with avocado on sourdough. I have a feeling I'll be spending a few of my Sunday mornings there...

They're Real: The Full Lowdown.

So I raved about the new Benefit Push-Up liner before I even knew that it was Benefit, then I raved some more and now I'm about to rave again as I give the full lowdown on Benefit's full They're Real threesome as we reach just a week until the blogger hype of the moment hits the shelves. 

So I know I've spoken about this till the cows came home and then a bit more but this week the They're Real Push-Up liner stood the real test...Winged liner application whilst standing on a rickety train, can it be done? A few months ago I'd have shouted "HELL NO" but I can now officially confirm that it can with this eyeliner. The Accuflex tip on the product makes application a piece of cake and allows the liner to glide seamlessly, it's a perfect matte black and although I'll admit, things can get a little flakey around the edges at the end of long sweaty day, its staying power on the whole is very very impressive. Also, the fact its in pen form makes on commute application far less of an ordeal. 

On to the highly acclaimed original, the miss They're Real Mascara, otherwise known as the UKs No.1 Best Selling Mascara. I go through phases with this one, its definitely not the most volumising mascara in the world which doesn't always get on too well with my fine lashes but it does give crazy amounts of length. Its name is certainly apt, it separates every single lash to give that doll like flutter giving the illusion of false lashes. It's definitely in my good books at the moment, the two work together like an lash-enhancing dream.

So my major gripe with the mascara had always been how bleeding difficult it was to get off and then after my little trial period with the unbranded liner- I felt very much the same. Tugging at my eyelids is not a practice I particularly enjoy. But the Benefit gods listened and with their new liner they've brought a much-needed remover to the party. This is a cream formula that does the job a lot better than most removers, taking off the liner and eyeliner in a few quick swipes of a makeup pad however the formula is not the kindest to the skin, its pretty drying and a tad stingy. I think something with an oilier consistency with have been much friendlier, hopefully they'll look into bringing out something for the more sensitive skinned among us....

The They're Real Push-Up liner hits stores on 28 June and is available for pre-order now at Boots here. The remover can be bought exclusively at John Lewis here.

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